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LED Display Use & Maintenance Measures

1. The LED display screen should keep the environment dry. The screen body is strictly prohibited from water inlet and iron powder that is easy to conduct electricity.

2. The switch sequence of the LED display. When the opening, first turn on the control computer to make it run normally before turning on the LED display. When you close it, turn off the display first, and then turn off your computer.

3. The power supply is required to be stable and well -ground protection. Do not use it in bad natural conditions, especially strong thunder and electricity.

4. Do not be a long time in pure white, pure red, pure green, pure blue and other High bright pictures during show, so as not to cause the problems such as excessive current, the power cable too hot, LED bulb damaged, and lifespan affected. Do not disassemble and stitch the screen at will.

5. To avoid problems that may be encountered in the LED display, we can choose passive protection and active protection, and try to keep it from the screen that may cause damage to the LED display. The possibility of damage is minimized.

6. The LED display has the most close relationship with our users, and it is also necessary to do a good job of cleaning and maintenance. Outdoor environment is exposed for a long time, the wind blowing, sun exposure, dust, etc. are easy to show dirty. After a period of time, the screen must be dusty. This requires timely cleaning to protect the displays

7. Check regularly whether the LED display needs to work normally, whether the line is damaged, replace or repair the damaged lines in time, and keep the LED large screen work normally.

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