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What's the applications of LED flexible screens?

LED flexible screens have been applied in multiple applications due to their special performance and extensive adaptability, including as below:

1. Interior display: The LED flexible screen has powerful display effects, plasticity and creativity, which is often used in various display indoor display. Such as in museums, exhibition halls, shopping malls and other places, as display screens equipment.

2. Appearance advertisement: LED flexible screen ads are highly flexible, and the theme of the advertisement can display appropriate pictures and effects. The LED flexible screen can adapt to the transportation and requirements of any shape. It is very suitable for the indoor and outdoor space of the building facade, walls, windows, and various venues as an advertising display equipment.

3. Stage show: Because the LED flexible screen has excellent plasticity and creativity, it can be stitched into a huge background wall in concerts, concerts, cinemas, etc.

4. Public places: In public places, such as airports, subway stations, exhibition halls, stadiums and other occasions, LED flexible screens can be used as medium such as advertising, information release, and guidance. In short, due to its height and extensive adaptability, the LED flexible screen has a wide range of application prospects in indoor, outdoor, two, advertising, etc.

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